What we offer

Intellectual Property

Many organisations, whether large or small, are often confused or deterred from filing intellectual property due to the misconception that it is a complex process. Our team of experts can advise, draft and file all applications for trademarks, copyrights and patents on your behalf.

We will demystify the entire process involved in filing applications along with the costs involved. We also have a strong track record in successfully defending intellectual property on an international basis having also been responsible for creating the legal precedent in the U.K whereby inventors can seek restitution from the Patent Office as opposed to the High Court. This allows inventors to defend their intellectual property portfolio on a cost-effective basis.    

Data Protection

With over 12 years of expertise in Information Governance, our team of specialists can also provide current guidance and support on handling and storing data in your organisation. Our experts can advise you on current legislation and the legal obligations that must be satisfied when processing data. It is critical that you understand what data you have and why you have it, and that all employees understand how to manage, preserve, and share that data responsibly.

Our services will ensure that your organisation is compliant and stays compliant by providing data protection training along with developing, and implementing data protection policies and procedures, privacy notices, assisting and developing data privacy impact assessments for your company, along with many other services.

Investment and financing

We have raised over £50 million over the past 25 years for start-up companies. We can pair experienced investors with your company.

Our expertise in financing is not restricted to equity investment alone as in many cases debt is often deemed a cheaper and more appropriate form of finance for your company. We can advise whether this form of finance suits your needs.

Finally, we have a 25-year track record in successfully applying for government grants exceeding £7.5 million. These grants are often an excellent way of financing growth phases within your business.

Strategic Planning

We have advised a number of companies from inception to exit. We are able to support start-ups and SMEs with their strategic planning requirements, growth plans and preparing for exit.

Public Relations

Over the years we have placed companies in numerous media outlets such as The Economist, The Times, BBC news, ITV, The Telegraph, The Independent, and Forbes magazine. However, a public relations strategy is not measured by articles placed in domestic and international publications alone. It needs to be an ongoing campaign to ensure our clients are able to both raise and maintain a high profile in sectors in which they operate.